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Tell us about you, your style, your preferred fit - the more we know, the more we can build out your personal armoire.

Fashion genome project

Our smart backend recommendation service will develop a personally curated selection of clothes for you to rent.

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Get four new pieces whenever you're ready for your next set. We'll take care of the cleaning.

We'll take care of you

Access to unique pieces

Our clothes are sourced from top designers from all over the world. You won’t see these on hangers at the mall.

We'll work until we get it right

Your fit. Your style. We promise that we’ll work until you’re satisfied with our recommendations. If you’re not in love with us, you can cancel anytime.

Free shipping both ways

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Slip the pre-paid shipping label to the front of your box, and drop it off at the closest UPS. It’s as easy as that.

Free dry cleaning

We know it’s a struggle to get to the dry cleaners...or sometimes find time to even do laundry. Leave the dirty work to us.

As seen at Delta V

Delta V (formerly known as Global Founders' Skills Accelerator) is MIT's premier competitive summer accelerator, which culminates with a pitch in front of a live audience of over 1200 at MIT's campus. Re-live the night's pitch here.

$149 / month to rent clothes for as long as you want

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